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Help! A student of mine emailed me and said: “could you tell me, please, when to use the present perfect?” I guess you, too, can benefit from what I suggested to her. It is a Web Quest. This Present Perfect WebQuest will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the structure and the different uses of the present perfect tense.

You will work in groups of five to search the internet in order to learn about the present perfect.You will listen to a song with the present perfect in it. Each one will write down the different uses of the present perfect tense. Each one of you will write down the usual time expressions used in the present perfect tense.


1. Go to englishpage in the “Resources” section and look at the form of the present perfect tense.
2. Scroll down the same website and look at the different uses of the present perfect tense.
3. Pick up the time expressions often used with the present perfect from the same page.
4. Go to YouTube link in the resource section and listen to the song “I haven’t got what I wanted” by The hangovers.
5. Play a few games with the present perfect by visiting sites 3 and 4.
6. Evaluate yourself on how well you did your search.


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